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Census profiles and other demographic data paint a picture of a diverse community and a thriving regional marketplace. Among the Village’s most significant demographic statistics:
  • The presence of two colleges in the Village has clearly rubbed off on the community, resulting in a significantly higher percentage of residents with advanced degrees than in the rest of New York State.
  • The Village population was 9,841 in 2008, but the Potsdam market is considerably larger. Nearly 46,000 people live within a 15-mile radius of the village. In addition, the Village’s population jumps by 3,254 (34.5%) every day, on average, due to commuters who come here to work. On any given day in Potsdam, nearly 17,000 cars travel down Market Street, the Village’s primary retail business corridor.
  • Potsdam is an island of diversity in the region, with a significantly higher percentage of foreign-born people living here than in the region and New York State overall.
  • A significant percentage of the Village’s families (22%) earn in excess of $50,000 per year.

Traffic Counts

For those interested in locating a retail operation, Potsdam boasts some of the highest traffic counts on major arteries of any community in the county...yet, traffic flows smoothly.

Route 56N Outer Market Street - 16,800 vehicle trips per day
Market Street at Sandstone Drive - 11,700 vehicle trips per day
Route 56/Market at Main Street - 11,100 vehicle trips per day
Route 11 & 11B at Park Street - 9,330 vehicle trips per day
Route 11, West Line - 10,500 vehicle trips per day